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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

PRESS STATEMENT - An Answer For Dr Kasim Ahmad Who Is An Anti-Hadith.

Dato’ Hatijah Aam
Executive Chairman GISB HOLDINGS - An Answer For Dr Kasim Ahmad Who Is An Anti-Hadith.

Allah SWT has appointed His Messenger. Prophet Muhammad PBUH. This matter is not only found in Hadith, even in the Holy Quran, as Allah mentioned at the beginning of Surah Al-Fath: “Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah ( Messenger of Allah)…..” (Please refer to Al Fath, verse 29)

Allah has established that in the kingdom of Allah, there are enough personnel among the angels, jinn and human beings! This universe was created after the creation of the first being that is Nur Muhammad ! Adam as the first human body was created only after the creation of the Light of Muhammad ! This is the faith of the Members of Sunnah Wal Jamaah which is upheld by the Muslims in Malaysia ! ( Please refer to the e - Fatwa / JAKIM - Released Date : January 22, 2002 ) .

The anti-hadith group is in fact, anti-God ! Because Allah is the One who appoints the Apostle to receive the revelation brought by the Archangel Gabriel ! Towards Prophet Muhammad, God asserts in Qur'an how the Prophet is protected from any flaws. Allah's proclamation which means : "And he ( Muhammad ) does not speak from his nafs ( ill desires ), and that he will say nothing except revelations which are revealed to him. " ( Surah An- Najm : verse 2-3 )

The Messenger is not only the source of hadith, but also for the Qur'an that was sent down to him! Whoever rejects the hadith is in fact rejecting the Qur'an ! Whoever rejects the Prophet Muhammad, it means he is refusing something that comes from God ! Allah emphasized this in the Quran which means, " Whatever the messenger brings to you, do take it, and whatever he has forbidden , then do leave it . " ( Surah Al -Hashr : verse 7 )

Dr. Kasim would know that the enemy who is very against Allah and His Messenger are the Jews. Has not the Qur'an reminded us of this in the Surah Al - Baqarah, which means : " You will please neither the Jews nor the Christians unless you ( the Muslims ) follow their faith. " ( Surah Al Baqarah : Verse 120 ) .

These work of rejecting Allah and His Messenger, as well as the Quran and Hadith are none other than the teachings created by the Jews! Allah's curse on this ! The outcome is a breakdown in relationship between the Muslims with their Prophet. It also disconnects the relationship between a servant and his Lord ! Which means when Dr. Kasim strives to promote this teachings of anti-hadith, without realizing it, he is actually fighting for Judaism ! So he is definitely guilty ! He has committed a great sin because he is taking others along and influencing others to reject hadith !

Dr Kassim Ahmad has made a terrible mistake, thinking that he can connect direct with God without the Prophet. While for one to be a legally true Muslim, one has to accept Allah and acknowledge the presence of the Prophet. That is the essence of the Kalima Syahadah that we recite . The Prophet cannot be ignored if we wish to have God . While in our prayers, we are in extreme need of the Prophet to protect and bring our hearts to Allah ! Is Dr. Kasim able to be in full concentration ( khusyuk ) throughout his prayers without any help from the Prophet ! While nafs ( ill desires) and Satan, at every second, they try to keep away the human being from being focused with God even during prayers. Actually the Prophet is really necessary in life, similar to the need of having Allah in life. Dr. Kasim, if you call on Allah for help when you are in hardships , would not the Prophet be the one who did that to you, Dr ? Because Allah created the Prophet to help chase away the nafs and satan that wish to send humans to Hell !

Dr Kasim, if you said that you do not need the Prophet and his Hadith in your life as a Muslim, it means that you are saying with just the companions, they are sufficient to save the world of ignorance with Islam.

If that is the case, is Dr. Kasim alone enough to save the world with Islam? The Prophet is not needed? In fact, all the hadith of the Prophet are the descriptions and explanations to shape up the Al Quran into an Islamic way of life ! Islamic Empire can be established, for us to be able to be Muslims as well, all are carried out by Prophet Muhammad PBUH and his hadiths. Without the Prophet Muhammad and his hadiths , the companions themselves would not be able realize the Al Quran in life! 
Prophet Muhammad was sent to explain the requirements of the Quran, isn't that so?, just as Allah's words which mean, " We have sent down to thee ( Muhammad ) the reminder that is the Qur'an ), so that you may explain to mankind what has been revealed to them, hopefully they will reflect " (Surat an- Nahl - verse 44 ) .

Dr. Kasim would surely have known about Prophet Muhammad who is currently with the Quran and Hadith, realizing the second resurgence of Islam as what he has promised to his people ! In fact, he is not only being the Prophet in this world until the end of time!. In fact in the field of Mahsyar he will still remain in his role, to intercede ( shafaat ) for the believers. Such a big role for the Prophet when all the other prophets can no longer provide any help.

Anti-Hadith teachings are supposedly worried about the authenticity of the Hadiths as there is no guarantee that the Hadiths are not fabricated. That's their claim , when in fact, Allah and His Messenger have guaranteed that the devil are not able to resemble the Prophet ! What more, to change the all deeds of the Messenger PBUH during his lifetime. Which means no one can deny the Prophet. Islam is desperately in need of the Prophet . Without the Prophet there is no Islam ! " Lo! in His Messenger, there is a good example ( role models ) for all of you ... " ( Surah Al -Ahzab : verse 21 ) .

We chant the azan call before prayer, that is to declare that we have a Prophet who is performing his role ! The prayer is not only for the people living during his lifetime! But our Prophet Muhammad SAW is still maintaining his role even after his death ! Meaning the hadiths of the Prophet are being implemented and defended by the Holy Prophet himself! This means that he is fighting for all the hadiths to be revived in the lives of Muslims at present until the end of time as a life system at level of an empire.

Does Dr. Kasim think he has the strength equivalent to the Prophet, thus he is willing to challenge the hadiths of the Prophet who is the leader of all the other prophets ? How brave indeed Dr. Kasim is with God, the Owner of the universe who appointed Prophet Muhammad as His Messenger ?

If Dr Kassim Ahmad still does not want to repent, and if we really want to save Islam, to save the Muslims so that they are not disconnected with the Prophet, the authorities have a duty to do what is necessary towards this enemy of Prophet Muhammad !

O Muslims , especially Dr Kassim Ahmad , Let us long for our Prophet so that he is willing to accept us as his people. While in the field of Mahsyar later on , please help to intercede us, O Prophet whom we yearn ! Thank you.


  1. Salam utk semua,

    Allah SWT tdk akan melaknati org2 yg mengkaji, mempertahankan dan mempertinggikan kitab Al-Quran, malah mereka ini adalah manusia pilihan yg akan masuk syurga tanpa dihisab (35:32). Tetapi Allah SWT akan melaknati dan membawa azab yg pedih lagi menghina kepada sesiapa yg memperlekehkan AL-Quran dan mengadakan kitab2 baru utk bertanding dgn Al-Quran (34:38), kononnya Al-Quran itu tdk lengkap dan memerlukan kpd kitab2 lain. Kitab2 lain yg kononnya berfungsi utk menjelaskan ayat2 Al-Quran inilah yg tlh menjauhkan umat Islam dari Al-Quran sehingga Al-Quran dijadikan barang perhiasan sahaja dan bukan lagi sumber ilmu yg maha agung.

    Inilah kejayaan yg amat besar bagi yahudi dan nasrani sbb bukan sahaja tlh berjaya menjauhkan umat Islam dari Al-Quran malah berjaya mmbuatkan umat Islam berpecah-belah dan bersengketa sesama sendiri. Al-Quran adalah satu khazanah ilmu yg maha hebat lagi agung. cubalah baca blog2 yg mgkaji Al-Quran seperti atau dan sbgnya. Lihat dan kajilah sendiri akan kehebatan Al-Quran yang amat digeruni oleh semua musuh-musuh Islam.

    Lihatlah bagaimana Al-Quran menjelaskan E=MC2, menjelaskan ilmu wireless communication, artificial intelligence, knowledge representations, centripetal force, piezoelectric, subliminal dan subconscious, dan sebagainya. Sekiranya umat Islam kembali kepada Al-Quran maka mereka akan menjadi umat terbaik “khaira ummatin”, dan inilah yg digeruni oleh yahudi dan nasrani!

  2. Allen Sulong..
    Kenyataan anda diatas bila dibaca sekali imbas macam bagus..
    Tapi bila dibaca ayat demi ayat..jelas ada maksud tertentu hanya anda sahaja yang tahu..

    Allah tdk akan melaknati org yg mengkaji,mempertahankan dn mempertinggikan Al Quran dan dijamin syurga tanpa hisab perlu huraian..

    Sedangkan yg kita sedia maklum ialah org yg mengamalkan keseluruhan Al Quran dalam kehidupan,mempertahankan amalannya dan memperjuangkan amalannya itu adalah org yg dijamin syurga tanpa hisab.

    Anda juga mengatakan kononnya Al Quran itu tidak perlu kepada kitab-kitab lain utk menghuraikan dan menjelaskan lagi ayat-ayat Al Quran.
    Serta mendakwa inilah yg telah menjauhkan umat Islam dari Al Quran .
    Ternyata kenyataan anda adalah salah sama sekali...

    Bukankah kitab-kitab Hadis itu tersangat penting dalam menghurai dan menjelaskan lagi isi dan tuntutanAl Quran?..

    Ya memang benar yahudi dan nasrani berjaya menjauhkan umat Islam dgn
    Al Quran..
    Tetapi sebelum yahudi dan nasrani berjaya melakukannya..,terlebih dahulu
    mereka mesti menjauhi umat Islam dari Nabinya,hadisnya dll.

    Cukupkah umat Islam hanya kagum dgn Al Quran sebagai khazanah ilmu yg maha hebat tetapi dalam masa yang sama menolak kitab-kitab Hadis yg sgt membantu dlm memahami Al Quran itu???...



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